LeBron takes KG's advice, focuses on Heat

LeBron James has decided to mind his business, as Kevin Garnett suggested. AP Photo, Getty Images

NEW YORK -- LeBron James is taking Kevin Garnett's advice and minding his own business.

When asked twice about the Brooklyn Nets, James declined to talk about his opponent on Friday night before the Miami Heat played the Nets at Barclays Center.

"I worry about our team," James said when asked about Brooklyn's size. "I'm not answering no questions about the Nets. KG already told me to worry about my own team."

Following the Nets' 86-62 preseason victory over the Heat in Brooklyn on Oct. 17, Garnett told reporters that James should mind his own business. That was in response to earlier comments James made wondering why Garnett and Paul Pierce didn't catch as much heat for their departure from Boston compared with Ray Allen's departure in free agency.

"Tell LeBron to worry about Miami," Garnett bristled before pounding his fist on the press conference room table. "He has nothing to do with Celtics business. Next question."

During that preseason game, Pierce also delivered a hard foul to James as the MVP was heading full steam toward the basket. Both Garnett and Pierce have had a long-standing rivalry with James and are fully intent on transferring their dislike and rivalry with James and the Heat to the Nets.

The addition of Pierce and Garnett to the Nets has added spice to a series that has been owned as of late by Miami.

Entering Friday night's game, the Heat had beaten the Nets 13 straight times, including winning all three meetings last season by an average of 21 points.

But point guard Deron Williams said the Nets now have a different mentality with Pierce, Garnett and Jason Terry on the roster.

"I don't know if we felt we were a better team than the Heat last year," Williams said in a sit-down with Brooklyn head coach Jason Kidd during a recent ESPN "SportsCenter" conversation. "And so I think in order for us to be able to beat them this year, we have to feel like we are a better team and we can beat them. And I think we do."

"They [Pierce and Garnett] definitely have their rivalries, their dislikes," Williams added. "As a team, if one guy has a beef with somebody, we all have a beef with them. That is how we are going to attack it this year."

That's exactly the type of attitude Pierce wants the Nets to have.

"It is not only that intense feeling toward the Heat," Pierce explained recently in an interview with ESPNNewYork.com about the attitude he wants the Nets to have. "It has to be intense feelings toward the rest of the league. When we were Celtics, we always said we like ourselves [but] we don't like nobody. You know what I'm saying?"

"That created a lot of hate for us," Pierce continued. "We were kind of like the bad guys, the big bad Celtics. We didn't mind playing the villain role. If that is what we got to do here in Brooklyn, that is what we got to do. The great teams, they create an identity for themselves. That is what we are trying to do here."

When asked about his impression of the Nets from playing against them in the preseason, James cut off the question before it was completed.

"Worried about my own team," James said.