Kidd relieved five-game skid is over

NEW YORK -- Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd’s reaction to his team’s 102-100 victory on Tuesday night quickly went viral.

After Toronto Raptors forward Amir Johnson missed a wide-open 3-pointer and forward Steve Novak missed the tip at the buzzer, Kidd was seen with his hands on his head -- looking as if his team had just lost.

In reality, he was just relieved that the Nets had snapped a five-game losing streak.

“The basketball gods can be funny,” Kidd said with a smile. “They can make you laugh -- or cry. And so, we’re all in this together. I feel the same way those guys do in the locker room -- maybe without the bruises. But just the emotion of the game. For the ball to bounce our way finally, I think everybody else was relieved.”

Kidd says it’s tougher emotionally coaching, because he can’t impact the game as a player.

“It came be a roller coaster emotionally,” he said. “Especially if you look at one game with the highest of lows an then coming down to a defensive situation where you get a stop.”

Much has been made of Kidd sitting on the bench while coaching rather than standing, which he does on occasion.

“The reason why I retired is because I can’t stand that long or play,” Kidd joked. “So I gotta rest at some point, so I have to sit. But if standing up is what my guys need, then I’ll do it as much as I can.”

• No surprise. Kidd said his four injured players -- Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Andrei Kirilenko and Jason Terry -- are “day to day.”