Prokhorov agrees with Dolan!

James Dolan was right, apparently: Mikhail Prokhorov is less patient than he is. Getty Images, AP Photo

At least Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and New York Knicks owner James Dolan can agree on one thing.

Asked about Dolan’s comment in which he said he was “more patient than Prokhorov is of his team,” the Nets owner told The New York Times via email, “I totally agree. 'Nuff said.”

Prokhorov's and Dolan’s struggling teams will meet Thursday night at Barclays Center. The Nets (5-13) have lost 11 of their past 14 games, while the Knicks (3-13) have dropped nine in a row, turning the East River Rivalry into the Least River Rivalry.

The Nets went into the season with a $190 million payroll and championship dreams, but they have been a disaster on both ends of the court -- and they have been decimated by injuries. On Tuesday, Nets coach Jason Kidd decided to “reassign” lead assistant Lawrence Frank to doing “daily reports” instead of being at practices and on the bench during games.

“We’re only a month into the season!” Prokhorov wrote to the Times. “Give it a little time. And have a little faith.”

Prokhorov and Dolan aren’t exactly best friends; the two billionaires both want to stake claim to having the best team in the city. Prokhorov referred to Dolan as “that little man” in an interview with New York Magazine last season.

Last summer, NBA commissioner David Stern brought Prokhorov and Dolan to a lunch meeting to try to make things right between the two. Dolan joked he got a “free lunch” out of the meeting.

Asked by the Times what he got out of the meeting, Prokhorov said in his email, “As logic would dictate, the check.”

It seems the tension began building back in the summer of 2010, when a massive billboard featuring Prokhorov and former Nets minority owner Jay Z -- its message: “The Blueprint for Greatness” -- went up across the street from Madison Square Garden.

“I thought they were putting me on a cereal box,” Prokhorov said in the email. “I was surprised as anybody to see that thing.”