Kidd: It's the neckwear that's gotta go

What, you thought maybe the matador defense was to blame? AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Maybe Jason Kidd has finally figured this whole coaching thing out after all.

You see, it’s not about managing personalities, knowing when to call timeouts or drawing up the perfect plays.

It’s about what you wear. Or rather, what you don’t wear. And right now, the Brooklyn Nets are 2-0 when Kidd doesn’t wear a tie.

Nothing like a good superstition to get a team out of a season-long funk.

“Do you believe that? I don’t know. We’ll see. But you can believe I won’t wear a tie tomorrow,” Kidd joked.

Kidd also answered some other questions about his transition:

Reporter: How much is it about coaching versus managing personalities?

Kidd: A lot of it is about personalities, and understanding each player’s strength, and so that’s part of coaching.

Reporter: And in managing personalities, seeing how guys react to things personality-wise?

Kidd: Everybody’s different. Everybody’s personality, everybody’s makeup is different. And so for personalities, you have to figure out what guys handle what situations and how they handle them, and try to put them in the best situation to be successful.

Reporter: Has it been quick to figure out?

Kidd: In some cases, yes. And then others, due to injuries and trying to figure out what lineups are best, how to get guys going small, going big, and so that also is a part of coaching.