Starting Five: Tough task sans Brook, D-Will

The Brooklyn Nets won't be able to replace Brook Lopez.

Same goes for Deron Williams as long as he’s out.

The Nets will have to do their best using a by-committee approach. Shaun Livingston, Joe Johnson, Alan Anderson, Paul Pierce and Andray Blatche have to step up.

Livingston and Pierce have to handle the ball more. Johnson, Anderson and Blatche need to score more.

And, most importantly, the Nets as a whole need to bring the same energy and effort they brought in Monday night’s 91-86 victory over the Atlanta Hawks.

On defense, they’re going to have to get stops. Coming out of the locker room for the second half, the coaching staff and players need to make the proper adjustments. The NBA’s hottest team -- the Golden State Warriors -- and the defending champion Miami Heat are in town the next two games.

It’s not going to be easy by any means. The Nets (13-21) have won three games in a row. No one expects them to win a fourth. But as long as they play hard and play smart, they’ll have nothing to be upset about at the end of the day. And who knows. Anything can happen.

Question: What do the Nets need to do to beat the Warriors and the Heat?

In case you missed it: Williams is out Wednesday, injuries have impacted his career and the Nets were granted the use of the Disabled Player Exception.

Tough task: The Warriors have won nine straight games.

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