Blatche eyeing Philippines call-up

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Brooklyn Nets reserve Andray Blatche may have cracked plenty of jokes about it -- claiming a lot of people don’t know he’s “half-Filipino” -- but he is serious about the possibility of playing for the Philippines in the FIBA World Cup this summer.

“I said I’m interested, so there’s a good chance of it happening,” said Blatche, who must be naturalized as a citizen of the country before being cleared.

Blatche said the idea came out of left field, and was brought to his attention a couple of days ago by good friend and ex-Washington Wizards teammate JaVale McGee. According to philstar.com, deputy speaker Robbie Puno of the Filipino Congress has filed two separate bills seeking the naturalization of both players.

Blatche doesn’t know how the naturalization process works, but he figures it would be a good opportunity to go overseas and get himself ready for next season.

“Basically, just go over there, and I can imagine just win,” he said. “Play. Hoop. Win. Whatever. I don’t know.”

Asked if he knew Blatche was Filipino, shooting guard Joe Johnson joked, “I know he’s full of s---.”

Blatche also asked to be called “Young Seymour” from now on, because he makes people want to “see more” of him on the court.