Barkley on Brooklyn: They aren't any good

Charles Barkley doesn't like the Nets' chances in the Eastern Conference. Getty Images

Charles Barkley says the Brooklyn Nets are the best team in New York City.

But as far as them being a legitimate threat to the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference? Please.

Listen to the complete interview:

Play Download“I don’t think they’re any good at all,” Barkley said when asked about the Nets being a serious contender in the East on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike” on Thursday. “Listen, you only got two teams in the East: you got the Heat and you got the Pacers. I actually think probably the Washington Wizards are the third best team in the Eastern Conference.

“I could get on here and lie to you, but listen, it’s the Heat and the Pacers. Nobody else is any good ... or worth talking about to be honest with you.”

The Nets (21-25), 11-4 in 2014, host the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night.

Later, on a TNT conference call, Barkley said, “The Nets stink, man,” according to the Associated Press’ Brian Mahoney.