Report: Nets interested in Kings' Thornton

The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly interested in Sacramento Kings guard Marcus Thornton, according to Yahoo! Sports.

A possible deal could send Jason Terry and Reggie Evans to Sacramento, though the report says nothing is imminent.

Here’s what Grantland’s Zach Lowe writes about Thornton is his column Tuesday:

It just hasn’t happened for Thornton, whose contract is now one of the very worst in the league. His shooting has been a disaster this season, and he has never improved as a defender. He still gets lost away from the ball, and he’s always spacing out or ball-watching as his man cuts behind him. He has never shown any organized commitment to team defense or help schemes. He’s just not a useful NBA player right now.

Of course, Terry (36.2 percent shooting) and Evans (out of the rotation) have not proved very useful for the Nets this season. Again, we’ll have to wait and see.