KG ponders Big Baby, Collins possibilities

OAKLAND, Calif. -- As the Brooklyn Nets prepare to face the Golden State Warriors, they also face upcoming roster decisions. Kevin Garnett has spoken with recently bought-out Glen "Big Baby" Davis about the possibility of joining the team.

"I think Big Baby can help us," Garnett said after Nets practice on Saturday. According to Garnett, his discussion with Davis on the matter was more happenstance than any kind of hard recruiting pitch.

"I usually speak to Baby in person every 15 days. Since we all left each other [from their time in Boston], we all like to stay in contact with each other," adding "I didn’t even know Orlando bought him out. It was just by coincidence that he was on the phone, and I guess he was going through it the same day. And that’s how I found out."

When informed of how Garnett’s former coach, Doc Rivers, might also be pursuing Davis for Rivers' Los Angeles Clippers, Garnett wryly mused, "I guess Baby’s a hot commodity right now," before continuing the praise of his former Celtics teammate. "His basketball IQ fits into what we do here. He’s a talker, he communicates, he understands, he knows championship basketball. So yeah, I think he can definitely help us."

Garnett was also complimentary of Jason Collins, who worked out for the Nets on Thursday. He actually spoke of the parallels between the two players.

"I played with JC, too. Very similar to Baby. Probably doesn’t have the distance in some of the skill level, but great competitor, plays team basketball, is for the team, great guy, great character. Those two can definitely help this team."

Collins’ signing would make him the NBA’s first active, openly gay player. Garnett expounded on the necessity of players getting a chance regardless of background, saying, "I think it's important that anybody who has the capabilities and skill level to have a chance to [do] something he's great at." He added, “I think it would be bias[ed], and, in a sense, racist, if you was to keep that opportunity from a person."