King: Where's scout who ripped Kidd now?

NEW YORK -- Billy King is wondering where the anonymous scout who shredded Jason Kidd is, now that the Nets have turned things around.

Back in mid-November when the Nets were struggling, an anonymous scout was quoted describing Kidd’s coaching on the sideline as “terrible” in a Bleacher Report story.

Now that Kidd has the Nets in the thick of the playoff race in the East, King wants Kidd to get his due credit.

"Jason has been amazing,” the Nets' general manager said before Friday night's game against the Celtics. “That one scout that took that shot at him early in the year, I wish he would speak up now because it is easy to criticize somebody when you have injuries and a new team trying to put it together.

“And now nobody is really saying how great a job he's done,” King continued. “And nobody is saying he is sitting down [too much]. It is easy to attack people negatively, but when people have success you should give them the credit. A lot of our success that we are having is directed [by Kidd]."

When the Nets got off to a 10-21 start, with injuries and a lack of chemistry with new moving parts, Kidd came under fire in his first few months as a coach.

He was criticized for demoting lead assistant Lawrence Frank. And he was fined for having a player purposely run into him to spill a soda and give his team more time to draw up a final play without any timeouts.

Kidd even had his temperament on the sideline questioned. Some suggested he needed to stand up more and not sit as much on the bench.

“He doesn’t do anything,” the anonymous scout said, according to the Bleacher Report story. “He doesn’t make calls. [Assistant coach] John Welch does all the offense. Lawrence [did] all the defense. ... I don’t know what Kidd does. I don’t think you can grade him and say he’s bad. You can give him an incomplete.”

Since Jan. 1, Kidd has gotten the Nets going. Before Friday’s game against Boston, Brooklyn was 25-10 in the new year despite losing Brook Lopez (foot) for the season and having stars such as Kevin Garnett and Deron Williams miss time due to injuries as well.

King credits Kidd with developing the Nets' identity and improving the team's defensive system. The turnaround also coincides with Kidd putting Paul Pierce at power forward and using a smaller starting lineup.