Nets are a different team when on the road

NEW YORK -- The Brooklyn Nets are great at home and not-so-great on the road.

Just look at these splits in the chart to the right.

Brooklyn Nets home vs. away

Based on those stats, it seems like the Nets sure could use homecourt advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

But given that they’re 2 1/2 games back of both third-seeded Toronto and fourth-seeded Chicago in the Eastern Conference standings, it’s looking very likely that they’re going to start on the road.

“I wish I knew the answer,” Johnson replied when asked why the Nets haven’t had as much success on the road as they have at home after they got trounced by 29 on Wednesday night at the Garden. “I don’t.”

The Nets have come away with some big road victories -- including Oklahoma City, Miami and Dallas.

But they’ve also lost six games away from home by more than 20 points.

It’s something they’re concerned about -- even if their coach is downplaying it.

“You play 41 [road games] so you’re not going to win them all,” Jason Kidd said.