Nets laugh off LeBron's chuckle

If the Brooklyn Nets were bothered by what LeBron James said Tuesday night, they aren’t saying so publicly.

The Nets went 4-0 against the Miami Heat during the regular season, but when asked if they were the biggest threat to the two-time defending champions in the Eastern Conference, James chuckled.

“Get outta here,” James said. “Next question.”

“You have to understand,” Kevin Garnett told reporters in Orlando on Wednesday night, “they probably get asked that about the Pacers, they probably get asked that about the Bulls. There’s some things they probably get tired [of] ... who knows what LeBron gets asked every night? He probably gets asked some of the most ridiculous questions.

“I don’t take that personal because, when you’re on top, everybody is gunning for you. Everybody is looking to beat you, and you know what? Everybody is looking to beat the Heat. But ... regular season is regular season and playoffs is a whole other story.”

“That doesn’t bother me,” Deron Williams told reporters. “We are not concerned with what he’s doing or thinking or laughing about. We are worried about us. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Seems like it would be good bulletin-board material. But maybe the veteran-laden Nets, the most expensive team in NBA history, don’t need any extra motivation.

After all, expectations are already high enough -- and since Jan. 1, they’ve been meeting them, going 33-14.