Notebook: Ross' diss, Hooters and merch

OK, so it’s not Paul Pierce and J.R. Smith going back and forth about the Brooklyn Nets-New York Knicks rivalry over the summer.

But Brooklyn’s players are well-aware that Toronto Raptors forward Terrence Ross said he “preferred” to face the Nets in the playoffs during a recent web chat with fans.

“Ross asked for this, so first of all they’ve got to back up their words,” Andray Blatche told reporters in Cleveland on Wednesday night.

Added Mason Plumlee on WFAN Thursday: “You get what you wish for. I guess we’ll have to see what kinda series he has coming up.”

It certainly makes for an intriguing subplot, that’s for sure.

Bloomberg reports that Russian native Andrei Kirilenko is bringing five “Hooters” restaurants to Moscow.

Kirilenko said “the biggest challenge will be overcoming the notion that it’s a strip bar.”

• Brooklynnets.com writer Lenn Robbins has a terrific interview with Nets coach Jason Kidd that covers a wide variety of topics. It is well worth your time.

• The Nets had the seventh-highest selling merchandise among NBA teams at NBAStore.com, according to a league-issued press release.