Five candidates for the Nets' new mascot

Up, up and away, BrooklyKnight! Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY Sports

So the Nets are apparently looking to replace the BrooklyKnight as their team mascot.

We here are ESPNNewYork.com have a few (tongue-in-cheek) suggestions for his replacement, which we've listed below. Please rip our ideas to shreds -- but more importantly, add your own in the comments section (keep it clean!).

We can only hope Mikhail Prokhorov is reading.

1. A luxury-tax bill with arms and legs. Perhaps he could have a second, even bigger costume for the latter half of games.

2. A Jason Kidd impersonator in a jester's costume. He would dance around Barclays leaving a trail of spilled soda before storming out of the arena at halftime.

3. Harry the Hipster Hamster. Clad in an ironic, throwback New York Nets ABA uniform and smelling like he hasn't showered in three and a half days.

4. Someone dressed like a parking space. The first fan to tackle him to the ground wins a MetroCard.

5. Deron Williams.