Nets' projected payroll, luxury tax

The Brooklyn Nets, with 15 players under contract, could head into training camp with a projected payroll of $94,045,708 and a projected luxury tax of $35,954,301 for a total of $130,000,009 -- $134,000,009 including Travis Outlaw's $4,000,000 amnesty payment.

Nets salary cap commitments for 2014-15 (figures via ESPN.com and Shamsports.com):

Last season, the Nets spent $197,398,845, when you factor in their payroll ($102,828,064), NBA-record luxury taxes ($90,570,781) and amnesty payment to Outlaw ($4,000,000).

That’s a difference of $63,398,836. (I went over these numbers, and the motivation behind it, in greater detail here).

The Nets are $17,216,708 over the 2014-15 luxury tax line, which is $76,829,000, meaning they must pay progressive taxes on the difference.

These totals, mind you, assume that the contracts of Jorge Gutierrez and Cory Jefferson become fully guaranteed by the end of the season.

Also remember, from ESPN salary cap guru Larry Coon’s blog: The total amount of luxury tax paid depends on a team’s payroll as of its final regular season game.

Point being, there’s a lot of time for things to change. Nevertheless, this is a solid look at where the Nets stand from a financial standpoint -- at least as far as projected payroll and luxury taxes are concerned.