Jersey Boy coming to the Nets show

As questions keep pouring out about Carmelo Anthony's possible future with the Nets, double-double big man Troy Murphy's return home has been overlooked. The New Jersey native was officially introduced to the media yesterday, and he is "very excited" to play for the Nets. Here are some interesting excerpts:

On his favorite Nets memories growing up? "I would come to Nets games. I used to watch Chris Morris launch shots from out of bounds before games when I was a little kid. He wasn't my favorite player. I liked Keith Van Horn when I was in high school and watched Jayson Williams." (More on him below.)

On his potential role with the team? "I'm still figuring out what Avery [Johnson] is going to expect of me, but I think I fit in well playing with a center like Brook Lopez and Devin Harris. He's a guy that a lot of guys want to play with. He's a good point guard. I think I fit in well with this team."

On playing for Johnson after playing with him on the Golden State Warriors? "It's pretty cool. I knew playing with him that he was going to be a coach. He always knew what we were doing and why we were doing it. He had some suggestions of different things to do, and a lot of them made sense. So you can tell playing with him that he was going to be a head coach, and he's a lot of success coaching the Mavs to the Finals. I liked playing with him and I look forward to playing for him."

On why marquee free agents didn't come to the Nets? "That's a great question. I don't know, because you have the pieces with a point guard and a center, which are two difficult spots to fill."

Nets notes:

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