Hollinger: Making sense of Humphries deal

ESPN.com's John Hollinger weighs in with his take on the Kris Humphries signing (more here).

Writes Hollinger:

If they’re thinking about trading for Dwight Howard after Jan. 15, when Brook Lopez is trade eligible -- and most certainly, they are -- then signing Humphries to a short contract of this size makes all kinds of sense.

The reason is that it allows the Nets to take back much bigger contracts from Orlando in a trade. Paying Humphries $12 million means that the combination of Humphries, Tyshawn Taylor and Reggie Evans can be used to take back $18.6 million in contracts from Orlando -- which conveniently, is exactly enough to swallow the contracts of Orlando veterans Glen Davis, Jason Richardson, Chris Duhon and Quentin Richardson and clean the Magic’s books going forward.

Do that, and then put Lopez and MarShon Brooks in a deal for Howard (again, just clearing enough salary from the [Brooklyn] end to take back his salary from Orlando), throw in all the same draft picks [Brooklyn] would give in the original deal, and the trade still works. In fact, it works better, since the Nets can swallow a bit more salary in this one than in the deal mooted over the summer.