Walsh: Rivalry will be 'unbelievable'

Just how good is the Nets-Knicks rivalry going to be?

"I think it's going to be an unbelievable rivalry," former Knicks GM Donnie Walsh told the New York Post on Thursday. "The Knicks still will have their fans but the Nets now have an entire borough. And Manhattan and Brooklyn have always been rivals."

KnicksNetsThat wasn't always the case before the Nets moved to Brooklyn.

"Even when New Jersey was really good, the rivalry wasn't there," Walsh told the Post. "This is fantastic for the city, great for Brooklyn. Knick fans are loyal but there are enough people in Brooklyn to support a second team."

Walsh was highly complimentary of the Nets organization.

"I think Brooklyn is going to be a great franchise," Walsh said. "They have solid ownership. They have a great backcourt in Joe Johnson and Deron Williams. (Gerald) Wallace is a top tier player, he goes to the boards, defends, can score. Kris Humphries is a capable rebounder who can stretch the floor with his shot. And I like (Brook) Lopez."