D-Will explains 'rookie' hazing

Deron Williams says MarShon Brooks is still a rookie until Nov. 1.

Therefore, D-Will and Reggie Evans were well within their rights to prank Brooks by putting a mountain of popcorn in his car, as they did on Tuesday.

"He's still a rookie until the first game of his second season," Williams said Friday. "My second year (in Utah) from training camp through the preseason I was the 'Rooks Captain.' I was in charge of all incoming rooks because I was still a rookie."

Williams and Evans also threw first-year guard Tyshawn Taylor's clothes and shoes into a training pool because he did not bring them a newspaper.

"This what happen when rookie do not bring the newspaper SMH Tyshawn Taylor," Evans tweeted.

The pranking will continue -- unless things change.

"If they weren't messing up, that wouldn't be happening to them," Williams said. "But they can't get it right, so bad things are gonna happen.

"The better you are as a rook, the less you have to do. They have to learn that."