Brooks' car smells like popcorn ... still

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- A week after Deron Williams and Reggie Evans pranked him, MarShon Brooks’ car still smells like popcorn.

“Yeah, a little bit,” the Nets’ second-year guard said Tuesday. “When I put the AC on, a little bit. It creeps out a little bit. Nothing crazy, though.”

Brooks explained why he deserved to have a mountain of popcorn put inside his car.

Prepare to be shocked.

"I didn’t bring cocoa butter,” Brooks said, admitting he was at fault. “They told me about a week ago, too. It was a week. I thought they forgot about it -- I kept thinking, ‘I’m gonna bring it tomorrow, I’m gonna bring it tomorrow’ -- but then they came out.”

Williams said that the hazing won’t stop until Nov. 1, when Brooks plays the first regular-season game of his second season.

“It’s all good,” Brooks said. “They mess with me a little more than they mess with Ty (Tyshawn Taylor) because they know they only got a couple more weeks of messing with me. It’s all good. It’s fun. It’s tough love.”