Broussard: Inside scoop on Johnson deal

Joe Johnson sat down for an extensive interview with ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard on Wednesday. In Broussard’s Insider story, Johnson recalls how he became a Net:

About four days before the trade was made, he got a call from a fellow All-Star.

"Joe, what do you think about playing in Brooklyn?" Deron Williams asked.

Johnson and Williams had always been cordial when seeing each other at All-Star Games, but they were nothing more than acquaintances. So Johnson was surprised to get Williams' call.

"Man, what are you talking about?" Johnson responded. He had heard about the trade rumors from family and friends, but wasn't putting much stock into them.

"I guess it would be cool getting to play alongside an All-Star point guard like you," Johnson continued. "It'd make my job a lot easier. But I doubt it will happen. I don't think I'm getting traded because my contract is huge."

Four days later, Johnson's phone rang again: "Welcome to Brooklyn," a jovial Williams said.


Johnson was on pins and needles until Williams finally tweeted that he was staying with the Nets.

"I didn't bother him after that conversation," Johnson said. "I let him make his decision. I knew he was from Dallas, so I really couldn't have faulted him if he went to Dallas. But it sure would've been tough without him. When he made his decision, I was happy."

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