Prokhorov interviews Nets scorer Turetzky

Mikhail Prokhorov is a billionaire businessman and now an aspiring politician.

But on Monday night, he changed professions briefly, sitting down to interview long-time official scorer Herb Turetzky.

“I’m a little frustrated. It’s the first job I’ve done free of charge,” Prokhorov joked afterward.

Asked if he was considering becoming a journalist after the interview, Prokhorov joked, “I’m not afraid of the competition.”

The highlight of the interview came after Turetzky told Prokhorov, who has said he’d get married if the Nets don’t win a title in the next three years, he met his wife of several years while walking around at LIU Brooklyn.

“So you’re saying walk around more?” Prokhorov replied.

• Prokhorov said he ran into Andrei Kirilenko by chance on Monday and the two exchanged hellos.