Evans avoids flop talk

Brooklyn Nets reserve power forward Reggie Evans will take on his former team, the Los Angeles Clippers, on Friday night.

But that wasn’t much of a topic of conversation with Evans this morning -- until he made it one.

Reggie Evans

Reggie Evans

#30 PF
Brooklyn Nets

2013 STATS

  • GM10
  • PPG25.0

  • RPG70.0

  • APG4.0

  • FG%.550

  • FT%.458

Even though reporters wanted to ask Evans about being fined $5,000 by the NBA for committing his second flopping violation against the Los Angeles Lakers, the veteran wanted no part of it.

His best stuff came at the end, when he expounded on wanting New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow to play for his favorite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys. After the Cowboys lost to the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving to fall to 5-6, Evans tweeted:

“The best QB in Texas is the kid from Texas A&M. I will take Tebow right now if the JETS not go play him. #TebowTime.”

Here’s a play-by-play of what he said:

Do you agree with the league fining you?

Man, you know what, it’s gonna be so fun playing against my old teammates. I’m looking forward to playing against those guys: Chris (Paul), Caron (Butler), D.J. (DeAndre Jordan), Blake (Griffin), who else? (Eric) Bledsoe. You know what I’m saying? So it’s gonna be fun as hell playing against those guys. (You missed Chauncey.) Yeah, Chauncey (Billups).

What you’re telling us is “both teams played hard...”

Yeah, both teams lost their last game so both teams trying to find a way to get a win.

The league has a (policy) where after that six violation (a suspension could follow) would you worry whatever might come down the road if you keep getting hit on these?

Why should I be worried about playing against my former team? I practiced with them all year long. Ain’t no sense for me to be worried about playing against them and stuff like that. It’s gonna be fun playing against those guys.

Do you think you’re going to have to change the way you play, though, because of this?

You know what? The Clippers, they already know how I play last year. The only change I can really start doing is start scoring the ball, getting the ball in the post, start shooting 3s, start shooting a bunch of two-pointers, playing the point guard position, bringing the ball up the court. That’s the only change I really could do in the game, so ...”

Weren’t you asking for Tebow last night on Twitter?

Yeah, I’m from Florida.

Think he’d be better than Tony Romo?

Shoot. If the Jets are not gonna use him. We could use somebody. I’m die-hard Cowboys fan. Tebow wins. He wins game. Last time I checked people aren’t gonna remember a lot of the negative stuff. They’re gonna remember the wins and losses, and that’s what he did, he won. I want to win. I want to get another championship for the Cowboys.