Possible suspensions don't worry Avery

Nets coach Avery Johnson isn't worried about a possible suspension for Kris Humphries or Gerald Wallace after both players were ejected following a second-quarter shoving match with Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett on Wednesday night.

"Not really, not really," Johnson said following Brooklyn's 95-83 victory over Boston. "They tossed the guys, I think they'll take a look at it. We'll probably get an idea on what's going on tomorrow. But whatever happens, we'll have to make an adjustment.

"There was a lot of swings down there. And guys were going in to try and rescue their teammates. And that's what type of team we have. And they're pretty tough guys. ... If you're in an alley fight, you've got a lot of guys on the team who you'd like to be in there with."

Johnson was proud of the way his team handled itself during the fiasco.

"First, nobody left the bench. Guys were protecting their teammates," Johnson said. "And our guys, we play pretty hard in practice, so a lot of what you see on the court is a product of what I see everyday. Like I said, when you have Reggie Evans and Gerald Wallace and Keith Bogans, and guys with those types of spirits, you know, those guys are rough guys. But fortunately we were able to win the game and nobody got injured."

Johnson was asked what Humphries could do to avoid a suspension.

"I think guys just try to defend themselves," Johnson said. "I think the league should really take that into account. Because I don't know if guys can just walk away all the time -- they've got to kind of protect themselves, not necessarily drawing a punch, but you've got to protect yourself. There's a right way to do it."