Should Kidd's winning 3 have counted?

A couple of Nets officials I spoke with following Tuesday night's loss felt Knicks point guard Jason Kidd should've been whistled for an offensive foul on his game-winning 3-pointer. Several Internet blogs shared the same feelings.

(Unfortunately, I never got a chance to ask Jerry Stackhouse for his take after the game.)

Kidd drained the 3 that put the Knicks up 100-97 with 24.1 seconds left and had a chance to complete a four-point play when his right leg made contact with Stackhouse, who was whistled for a foul.

"I thought that should've been an offensive foul," ESPN commentator Jeff Van Gundy said on the broadcast. "See how (Kidd) kicks his leg out to the right?"

Shooters aren't allowed to kick out their legs in an attempt to draw fouls by initiating contact. It was something that the NBA emphasized to the referees prior to the beginning of the season.

The Nets didn't lose their fifth straight game solely because of this call. They lost it because they failed to protected a pair of double-digit leads.

Still, based on the "Reggie Miller Rule," the score probably should've been tied at 97 at that crucial point in the game.

Click here to see the replay.