How the Johnson firing will impact the team

How will Avery Johnson's firing as head coach impact the Brooklyn Nets?

Let’s take a look:

More P.T. for MarShon and Hump? It’s no secret that Johnson wasn’t a huge fan of MarShon Brooks and his defense. So it came as no surprise when Brooks found himself out of the rotation in favor of veterans Jerry Stackhouse and Keith Bogans.

Brooks, 23, still has a ton of potential. Tough to show it when your minutes are as sporadic as his have been the past five games: 16, 2, 0, 6 and 20. The Nets have struggled to score, and Brooks is a gifted scorer. Makes sense to give him a look.

As for Kris Humphries, he recently fell out of favor with Johnson. He was a double-double guy the previous two seasons. Wonder if he’ll be able to reclaim his starting job. Both of these players were probably going to be shopped. And now?

Will Deron get his act together? Under Johnson, Deron Williams was having the worst season of his career: 16.6 points, 8.0 assists, 3.0 turnovers, 39.8 percent shooting, 29.5 percent shooting 3-point range. On Dec. 18, D-Will criticized Johnson’s isolation-heavy offense, saying he felt uncomfortable playing in it. He has been struggling with his confidence all season, but Johnson never called him out for his poor play, instead saying Williams was "banged up." D-Will needs to make things work with the next coach. Period.

What type of style will the Nets play? Will they continue being the slowest-paced team in the NBA, or will they turn it up a notch and look for more opportunities to run? In November, the Nets were great playing defense-first, grind-it-out half-court basketball. In December, that style failed them. It’s up to interim coach P.J. Carlesimo to carve an identity for a team that had one, then lost it and hasn’t been able to rediscover it since.