Blatche questioned in investigation

Brooklyn Nets center Andray Blatche was questioned as part of an ongoing investigation of sexual assault at a Philadelphia hotel, but he is not being accused of a crime, police told the New York Times on Tuesday.

"From all accounts, he was not personally involved in any kind of assault or anything like that," Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said, according to the newspaper. "He was there but he was not involved."

Ramsey told the newspaper that Blatche was in a group of three men and three women at the Four Seasons Hotel. A 21-year-old woman told police that she had consensual sex with one man and non-consensual sex with another man. She was taken by ambulance from the hotel around 4 a.m., according to multiple reports.

Ramsey did not know if charges would be filed, in part because the woman was highly intoxicated.

"She was so intoxicated," Ramsey said, according to the newspaper. "She is not going to be a very good witness."

He said that a rape kit was administered in hopes of finding DNA evidence and that the investigation is ongoing.

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