More D12-Lopez trade speculation

ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton, in his latest story posted Friday afternoon, poses seven trade scenarios, should the Lakers decide to trade Dwight Howard.

One of them, of course, involves the Brooklyn Nets.

The proposal: Howard and Chris Duhon for Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries

Writes Pelton: "As well as the Orlando Magic's Howard trade has worked out, fans in the Magic Kingdom have to be wondering what might have been given how well Lopez has played this season. Though he was passed over for the Eastern Conference All-Star team, Lopez has the NBA's fourth-best PER. Picking up where he left off his second year, Lopez is suddenly rebounding and blocking shots as part of a quality defense and has been an efficient volume scorer in the post. Now the question is whether the Nets would want to move two starters during the midst of a strong run under P.J. Carlesimo. Deron Williams says no. I still think they would because the team's upside is so much higher with a healthy Howard in the middle, making this the most realistic package."

You're probably sick of this by now. But until D12 signs a long-term extension to remain in Los Angeles or go someplace other than Brooklyn, the rumors aren’t going to die. That being said, things obviously have changed. Howard has a damaged reputation, free-throw shot and back, while Lopez is playing the best basketball of his career.

Still, despite the fact the latest rumor of a Howard-Lopez-Kevin Love three-way trade was shot down, you’d figure the Nets would at least have to listen if the Lakers called. When you have expectations to win a championship in the next three years, you can’t just hang up the phone.

The biggest difference between Howard and Lopez is that Howard has led a team to the NBA Finals, while Lopez has never played in a playoff game before. And that’s where the intrigue still lies.

So, we ask: Would you do this trade? Why or why not? Weigh in below.