Barkley: D-Will, Iso Joe look slow

Asked Thursday who he thought were the most disappointing players in the NBA this season, TNT analyst Charles Barkley told reporters on a conference call, “Kris Humphries and Dwight Howard.”

Humphries, who signed a two-year, $24 million contract to remain with the Nets in the offseason, began the year as Brooklyn’s starting power forward. But he struggled badly, and was relegated to bench.

In his last four games, Humphries (6.0 points per game, 6.4 rebounds per game, 42.4 field goal percentage) has logged just 36 minutes.

Not the type of season the Nets expected after the now 28-year-old averaged double-doubles in his previous two years with the team.

Barkley also talked about the struggles of Deron Williams (16.7 ppg, 7.7 apg, 41.5 fg pct and Joe Johnson (16.8 ppg, 42 fg pct).

“They’re not athletic enough,” Barkley said, according to the Miami Sun-Sentinel. “They look slow to me compared to other guard tandems. The Nets have a higher ceiling than the Knicks team. I still think they have a better playoff team and will have a better run in the playoffs than the Knicks.”

Said Barkley’s colleague, Steve Smith: “I thought they would play much better together. What’s disappointing to me is to not see those guys just dominate.”

Jerry Stackhouse told reporters that he doesn’t want NBAPA executive director Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher in power anymore.

“I think we need wholesale changes all the way around,” Stackhouse said, according to the Detroit News. “I think everybody's pointing the finger at Billy, and rightfully so. He's made some wrong moves, but at the same time, we've sat and allowed those moves to be made.”

Hunter is on paid leave of absence and is currently under investigation for questionable business practices.