Williams' dunks vs. layups

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The last time Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams tried to dunk, Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin posterized him.

A look at D-Will’s season-by-season dunk and layup stats courtesy of basketball-reference.com:

On Nov. 23, Williams tried to finish an emphatic one-handed dunk, but Griffin rose up and blocked the attempt with his right hand, ripping the ball away in the process. Williams fell hard on his right wrist. It's the only time he has tried to dunk this season.

There have been plenty of reasons for D-Will's struggles in 2012-13 -- from injuries to confidence problems to fatigue to running an isolation heavy offense.

Add "explosive-less" to the list.

"I can't jump -- I don't know if you've noticed -- I haven't dunked. I can't dunk," said Williams, who has missed the last two games with inflammation in both of his ankles. "Even if I tried, off one leg I can't dunk. I can dunk off two, but if I tried to jump off my left leg, I can't dunk, so it's definitely affected me.

"You think about it, when I'm going into the lane and make a move, a hard jump-stop hurts. Any hard impact, or hard move, it hurts. I do a good job getting it warmed up, so the first quarter is usually great, a lot of good first quarters and then I go and sit down, it stiffens up. Its hard to get back going. It's definitely been a concern, that's a big reason I did the PRP."

Williams hasn’t dunked in an NBA game since April 13, 2012 against the Philadelphia 76ers.