King: D12 'reality show will never end'

It’s the Dwightmare that never ends.

Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard has said he wanted Brooklyn. Howard is going to be a free agent at the end of the season, but it’s virtually impossible for the Nets to acquire him in a sign-and-trade deal over the summer because they’re over the salary cap.

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“I feel like this reality show will never end,” King said Friday on ESPN New York 98.7 FM.

“Every step we go it ends ... it’s almost like, I’m a big ‘Young and the Restless’ fan. It’s like on these soap operas, when the writer keeps trying to re-write the script. A character died off? Nope, he’s still breathing.

“I can’t control the future. All I can do right now is look at where we are and where we’ve come from. We’ve taken huge steps. We’ve got more steps to go, but I’m proud of our guys, but we’ve still put ourselves right now in a good position to finish up these last 27 games and that’s all we can focus on.

“We can’t focus on anything beyond that, because if we do, we’re shortchanging ourselves this season.”

ESPN cap guru Larry Coon provides a detailed breakdown on his blog that makes the idea of signing Howard laughable at best. Remember: Starting next season, taxpaying teams cannot complete a S&T deal if they are over the $4 million apron.

So, essentially, Coon writes: the Nets are already committed to $85.6 million for 2013-14. A max deal for Howard would start at $20.5 million. That’s $106.1 million. The projected tax apron for next season is $77 million. That means the Nets would have to clear $29.1 million either before the trade or after it to be eligible to acquire Howard. So -- if Brook Lopez and Deron Williams are “untouchable” -- the Nets would have to convince the Lakers to take on Joe Johnson (owed $48 million from 2014-16) or Gerald Wallace (owed $20 million over that span). Good luck with that!