P.J.: Teletovic a priority

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Brooklyn Nets interim coach P.J. Carlesimo claims he’s going to make reserve power forward Mirza Teletovic a priority going forward.

Carlesimo has said repeatedly that the Nets need to get a better look at Teletovic, who has been getting sporadic minutes ever since the season began. The 27-year-old rookie is averaging just 3.3 points on 36.8 percent shooting in 35 games. Still, he’s an intriguing player because of his ability to hit 3-pointers (32.4 percent) and space the floor.

"I’d like to have (solidified the rotation) two months ago," Carlesimo told reporters prior to Friday’s Nets-Mavericks game at Barclays Center. "But Mirza is going to be the priority going forward. These next two games might not be ideal for Mirza.

"Hump (Kris Humphries) did a pretty good on Dirk (Nowitzki) last year. I don’t think Dirk is a guy you stop, but Hump is good. I think we need our size on Dirk and I think we need our size clearly tomorrow in Chicago because they’re so big and physical. But we have to carve out time for Mirza, just carve out some time and look at him a little while and then figure out the rotation after that.

"I think it’s a two-part process: figuring out how to get time for him on a regular basis, and make a decision. At some point, as we get into it later in March, we have start saying, 'Alright, this has to be our rotation.' I still think even if we were a lot more solid with our rotation, it’s still going to change given matchups. We’re so different if Mirza plays or Hump plays or Reggie (Evans) plays, and even up front, if we need offense -- do we need more Keith Bogans? Or defense off the bench? Or if it’s a small team, do we need more C.J. (Watson), perhaps more Deron (Williams)?

"I think the fact that we have a bunch of different pieces is a plus for us, especially when we get in the playoffs, maybe guys who would get a lot more time against one team, and a lot less time if we play somebody else. You can say this is a team we can play big against a lot or this is a team we’re going to have our small backcourt cause they have two little guards. So I think that’s a plus. It’s not a plus that we still haven’t sorted Mirza out. To me, he’s still the biggest piece that we have to address."

• D-Will was asked again about his decision to pick the Nets over the Mavericks in the offseason.

"I’m happy where I’m at. I wouldn’t change the decision now. I’m happy being a Brooklyn Net," he replied.

• The Mavericks (25-32) have lost three in row, but Carlesimo called it a scary matchup that he doesn’t really like. Must be a calculated move, no?