P.J. appreciates Prokhorov's spending

PHILADELPHIA -- Brooklyn Nets interim coach P.J. Carlesimo appreciates owner Mikhail Prokhorov’s willingness to spend on his roster.

Carlesimo would also appreciate a new deal at season’s end.

"You couldn’t overstate it," Carlesimo said when asked about Prokhorov spending a projected $12.8 million in luxury taxes. "That’s one of the best things an owner can do -- giving a coach a long-term contract is more important -- but other than that, when you’ve got an owner that’s willing to spend money and not pay lip services ... All the owners go 'We want to win a championship,' When you’ve got someone that’s committed to winning and is willing to spend funds to do it, give Billy (King) and Bobby (Marks) the resources, that’s fantastic."

Carlesimo is 23-12 since taking over for Avery Johnson.

Carlesimo will almost certainly be retained through the rest of this season, but his long-term status with the team likely hinges on how the Nets perform in the playoffs and what coaches are available in the offseason.

The Nets are projected to be $45 million over the luxury tax next season, when the penalty jumps up to $1.50 on every dollar over the cap.