Is Joe Johnson a future HOFer?

When I think about Joe Johnson's career, two games stand out above the rest: Game 4 against the Boston Celtics in 2008 and Game 5 against the Miami Heat in 2014.

Johnson was flat-out unstoppable in both games. He scored at will. He hit several jaw-dropping shots. It’s what he does best.

On Tuesday, ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton examined Johnson’s chances of making it to the Hall of Fame and surmised the following:

Career WARP: 66.0

Basketball-Reference HOF probability: 24.6 percent

Johnson's candidacy inspired this list, specifically because of his similarity to [Mitch] Richmond's numbers and career. Like Richmond, Johnson's advanced stats are unimpressive, but his consistent scoring has added up. While nobody thinks of it as a magic number such as 3,000 career hits in baseball, all but one eligible player with at least 20,000 career points has been voted to the Hall of Fame. (Tom Chambers is the exception.) Johnson, with 17,000-plus points at age 33, stands an excellent chance of cracking 20K. Add in seven All-Star appearances -- more than recent Hall of Fame shooting guards Richmond (6), Joe Dumars (6), Dennis Johnson (5) and Reggie Miller (5) -- and it seems probable that Johnson will one day be immortalized in Springfield.

If you’re so inclined, a couple more Joe Johnson YouTube links from last season for your viewing pleasure.

Question: Is Johnson a Hall of Famer in your eyes? Let us know in the comments section below.