Hollins to perform roll call at Yankee game

New Brooklyn Nets coach Lionel Hollins will perform the roll call in the bleachers during the first inning Wednesday at Yankee Stadium. Hollins grew up in Las Vegas, but is a lifelong Yankee fan.

"I like successful teams because everyone thinks losing is easy, but I always say that losing is easy, but winning is hard," Hollins said. "Winning takes a lot more. You go back to the old Celtics, the old UCLA teams, the Yankees, those teams, they have just do something that not everybody else does. It is not just talent. You go back to the Green Bay Packers in the '60. You just watch those teams, their professionalism, their togetherness. Their work ethic has been amazing. Of course, I love Joe Torre. I have been following the Yankees since Reggie Jackson was here. Reggie went to ASU. I went to ASU. We had the same agent. There are a lot of connections. I was a baseball player growing up. I was glad I didn't play baseball -- 162 games nearly every day."

Hollins was a first baseman.