Carlesimo: Kidd cut out to be a leader

Ex-Brooklyn Nets coach and current ESPN NBA analyst P.J. Carlesimo weighed in Wednesday with his thoughts on Jason Kidd potentially being hired as the team's next head coach.

"Jason needs to [surround himself] with good people," Carlesimo said on CBS Radio's "The Tim Brando Show."

"Whoever he ends up getting with him, Jason is more than smart enough to realize he needs people to help him with the behind-the-scenes, the minutiae, putting practice plans together, the thousands of little details that a coach is gonna have to go through that Jason would learn anyhow, but will learn a lot quicker with an experienced coaching staff -- which he'll clearly surround himself with."

Carlesimo didn't want to put any expectations on Kidd, but does believe he'll be success if he gets the job.

"I don't want to put on Jason how many games he should win, but he's gonna win," Carlesimo said. "Whoever coaches that team is going to be successful next year. I mean, they won with one of the worst coaches in the history of the game this year [joking]. So they will be successful."

Carlesimo also spoke about the difficulties Kidd is going to face in making the transition directly after announcing his retirement, but pointed to his leadership skills as one of Kidd's greatest assets.

"He's a player that played at both ends of the floor. So he's going to demand that people play defense, he's going to demand that people pass the ball and play unselfishly, and he knows what it takes to win. He's been to the Finals, Olympics, gold medals, the whole deal. He brings great credibility to the table."