Lavin stresses he's not leaving St. John's

St. John's coach Steve Lavin, appearing on "The Michael Kay Show" on ESPN New York 1050 on Wednesday, reiterated that he is cancer-free and plans to return to the sideline for the Red Storm next season.

Listen to the complete interview:

Play DownloadA few other interesting things from the conversation:

* Lavin said he could return to the sideline now if he wanted to: "Really, I could come back now, but the risk/reward assessment doesn't make sense of possibly setting yourself back again, and instead using the energy or the fuel in a more efficient way, which is to close down a great [recruiting] class."

* Lavin talked about how he approaches the rumors about his health with recruits: "Because of that constant communication with the prospects and their support group, the people that we're closing in on, that we'll sign, they're aware that I've been given a clean bill of health."

* When asked about conference realignment, Lavin said: "Ideally I would love if the Big East remained as we know it this year, and in previous years. But you also have to deal with reality. It's gonna take on a different shape, but I think the conference is uniquely positioned because there's enough schools remaining that have the great tradition, the great heritage, the great recruiting base. ... Then if you can acquire people like Memphis, as we have, the league will continue to have traction and will have great tradition. But it won't be the same."