Polee transferring to San Diego State

Former St. John's swingman Dwayne Polee is transferring to San Diego State.

Polee revealed his decision in an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune.

"Coach [Steve] Fisher is a great coach, and he has a lot of experience at the top of college basketball and I think he can help get me to the next level," Polee said. "I just like the way he allows all his players to play their game. He doesn't really hold them back."

Polee, who is from California, announced he was transferring from St. John's on May 22 because his mother was suffering from an undisclosed illness, and he wanted to be closer to his family.

"Dwayne loved the coaching staff [at St. John's], but it was just wrong timing with my wife's illness," Dwayne Polee Sr. said. "He loves his mom and he wanted to be closer to her. [St. John's] coach Steve Lavin was great to him. We have no hard feelings. It was just too far away."

"She's had my back for this long. Knowing I could be here for her while she's going through her thing is a real joy for me," said Polee about his mother.