QB survey: Eli Manning's answers made me laugh

We have this project up on the site that's pretty cool. It's called "Where QBs Come From," and it's the result of our NFL Nation team reporters polling every quarterback in the league on a variety of questions pertaining to their family backgrounds, educational backgrounds, football backgrounds, etc. Here's a link to every quarterback in the league by geographical background. Here's a link to a slick graphic presentation of that same information. And here's Kevin Seifert's takeaway from the various topics in the survey as a whole.

Anyway, my role in all of this was to interview the two quarterbacks on the New York Giants' roster -- Eli Manning and Ryan Nassib. When I got Manning's survey back from him, it occurred to me that, due to all we know about Manning and his family, I could have filled out much of it myself. But some of the answers gave me a chuckle, and I thought I'd share his survey with you. The italics are mine, to highlight the parts that made me laugh:

How old were you when you first threw a football?

3 years old

What best describes the offense you ran in high school: West Coast, read-option, spread, triple-option, wing-T, other?


Did you attend instructional camps growing up?


How many sports did you play in high school?

3 – Football, Basketball and Baseball

What kind of high school did you graduate from, private or public?


What city and state was your high school located in?

New Orleans, Louisiana

How much money would you estimate you spent on personal QB training before college: $0, under $500; $500; 1,000; $1,000; $2,500; over $2,500?

How many scholarship offers did you receive out of high school?

50+ -- Every major Division I school.

Did any schools try to steer you to play a position other than QB? How many?


How old were you when you knew you'd get the opportunity to play professionally? (I got a kick out of the fact that he had no answer for this one)

How many kids are in your family? How many brothers, how many sisters? What child are you (youngest, oldest, middle)?

3 kids, 2 brothers. Youngest (Yes, we knew that.)

Did you grow up in a one or two-parent household?


What did your parent(s) do for a living?

Dad: NFL Quarterback & Mom: Stay-at-home mom

How would you describe your ethnicity: White, African-American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, Asian, other?


How would you describe your family’s financial situation growing up: Upper class, upper-middle class, middle class, lower-middle class, lower class?

Upper class