Antrel may want to end daily practice report

Antrel Rolle has become the practice report player for the Giants.

After making his famous comments following the Washington loss on Dec. 18 about needing to practice during the week, the Giants safety has been asked frequently over the past week and a half about his thoughts on practice.

On Monday, though, Rolle sounded a man who would prefer if those questions stopped coming his way.

"I'm not here to give a daily report of how practice goes. That's up to coach. I'll let coach tell you all about that," Rolle said. "But we're working. That's the best thing I can give you. We're working. We're working hard. We have our eyes on the prize."

Rolle eventually bit on the question later in his session with reporters, though, saying that he thinks practice has been great this week and has been uptempo. He said the team has been flying around and there's been a carryover from last week's intensity. The Giants host Dallas on Sunday night and Rolle is convinced that his team is good to go.

"We're ready man. We're ready," Rolle said. "We're going to stay ready and we'll be ready come Sunday."

When the Giants last met the Cowboys, Rolle and the secondary struggled, giving up 34 points and plenty of big plays in the game. Rolle said that the Giants are a better team now and are more confident and more focused than when the teams met on Dec. 11. He again credited what he has seen in practice as a key reason for the change.

The Giants will be entering this game coming off perhaps their best defensive effort of the season, holding the Jets to just 14 points and recording five sacks as well as a pair of interceptions in the game. Rolle said it's all on the players to make sure that the positives carry over from that game.

"We have a gameplan that is in effect and we go out there and run it to the best of our ability and make sure we're on the same page, same time, and have fun," Rolle said. "We had a lot of fun out there last Saturday and I think that's what carried us over a lot. We had guys playing over 100 plays. I was one of them. I never thought I was close to 90 plays, let alone 80, but to play 104 plays says a lot the attitude we have as a team. It doesn't matter if we play 200 plays, we have to determine we are going to get the job done."

The vocal safety said that he likes playing in big games like the one that will take place on Sunday night, when the two teams meet for the NFC East title.

"I like the crowd. I love the energy. I love what's at stake," Rolle said. "I love the competition. I'm a guy that loves the competition. I like the best of the best competition. If that means we lose because we're not better than the guy, then it is what it is. I love competition, I love being tested."