Light jogging for Nicks; Mario ready

Hakeem Nicks did some light jogging during practice on Thursday as he deals with his strained hamstring that he suffered in Saturday's game against the Jets. The receiver, who has not practiced yet this week, said he's going to try out his speed burst on Friday.

"(It's a) situation where you just kind of know it's going to be there and ain't just going to eventually go away overnight," Nicks said on Thursday. "It's just a matter of me playing with it and knowing how to play with it. Luckily, I played with it before and I finished the last game with it. I got to make sure I keep taking care of it and I have no setbacks at this point."

Nicks strained his hamstring against the Jets on Saturday but played through the injury, finishing with just one catch. He sat out Wednesday's practice and did some backpedaling on Thursday to see if he felt his hamstring while he did his stride. He said he felt his hamstring as he backpedaled but is confident that he can play with it.

"I have no doubt in my mind (about playing), I'm playing, I know that," Nicks said. "It's all or nothing."

The receiver plans to do some individual drills tomorrow and try to participate in some 7-on-7 drills to see how the hamstring feels. He said he wants to know where he is with the hamstring so he can prepare mentally for Sunday's game.

"I feel like I know what I'm working with now," Nicks said. "We know how to probably gameplan around it or within it. Hopefully it won't limit my game, hopefully I can still have the extra burst to push down the field and do what it is that I do, I make plays for us."

Nicks said it has helped him that he has had to deal with this injury earlier in the season so he has a general idea of how to keep himself healthy and how to keep himself loose when he's on the field. He also understands that at this time of year it's pretty common to have to fight through an injury. The receiver again said he would be ready to go Sunday.

The Giants also will likely have the services of Mario Manningham, who has been a limited participant in practice the past two days. Manningham missed Saturday's game against the Jets with his swollen knee but is ready for the battle for the NFC East title. Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said Manningham looked fast in practice Thursday.

"I'm playing," Manningham said. "I didn't practice last week. I practiced this week."