Video: Victor Cruz interview, in Spanish

ESPN New York's Marly Rivera interviewed Giants receiver Victor Cruz in Spanish. Following is an English translation:

Rivera: I'm Marly Rivera for ESPN New York, here with one of the new stars of the Big Apple, New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz -- a Puerto Rican. Welcome and thank you for being here with us.

Q: It was really hard to get this interview; you're so popular. First of all, this has been a very special season. What has been personally the best moment of the season for you?

Cruz: It was this past week, when we played the Jets, and I grabbed a 99-yard touchdown. It was something I will never forget and it was great for me and my team.

Q: This season we have seen some spectacular catches -- and quite a few celebrations. What's the name of your celebration dance?

Cruz: It's salsa. My friends call it Silk City Salsa.

Q: So of all those catches, on Monday when you reviewed the tape, which one was the most cheered on by your teammates?

Cruz: I think it was the catch against the Seattle Seahawks when I jumped and tipped the ball and caught it one-handed, and then I had a TD, and then it was Silk City Salsa time.

Q: It has been a great season, the first of what we hope will be many more for you, but how much of your success do you attribute to Eli Manning, your quarterback?

Cruz: Eli is very important in my playing well. He talks to me all the time and he tells me what he sees in defense. He also tells me how to be a better player and he is very important in my success.

Q: Talking about Eli: Down by six with two minutes left -- in what they call in English the "huddle" -- what is it like to play alongside Eli Manning?

Cruz: He's very confident, relaxed. He talks to us, tells us specifically what he wants us to do. He's calm and it makes us calm and confident also.

Q: Tell me a bit about your coach. What is it like to play for a -- let's call him "legend" -- Tom Coughlin?

Cruz: He's great with us. Really disciplined. He wants things the way he wants them, and if you don't do things the way he wants, he will tell you. And we like that. It's a challenge to play for a coach like Tom Coughlin, but we like playing for him.

Q: You used the word "challenge" -- does that mean that there will be a punishment if you don't perform the way Tom Coughlin wants you to?

Cruz: When Coughlin tells you, stay there or be on time for the meetings, if you don't do it you will get fined and he will let you know what you are doing wrong. And that is why we are on time and follow his rules.

Q: Has that discipline been key in your success?

Cruz: That discipline has been very important for me. It has kept me on a straight line and it makes me focused to do well all week.

Q: You grew up just a few kilometers, a few miles from here, and grew up with many Giants fans. What do your friends think about your success and did you ever think you would ever break Amani Toomer's record [for receiving yards in a season]?

Cruz: No. Amani Toomer has been one of the best players here and it's an honor for me to play for the Giants, and that record is something I will never forget. And it's amazing to do it with the Giants.

Q: And what about those childhood friends who are Giants fans? Though you were a Cowboys fan, what do your friends think now that you're sporting the No. 80 for the Giants?

Cruz: They think it's great. They talk to me all the time and ask me about how do I feel now playing for the Giants, given that I was a Cowboys fan all my life. But it's good being with the organization. Talking to Tom Coughlin, and the GM, I really enjoy being in this time and I think I will be here a long time.

Q: You spoke of the Cowboys -- tell us a bit about how come you're a Cowboys fan.

Cruz: It comes from my dad. When I was a kid my dad followed the Cowboys; he liked Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman, and when I was a kid that's what the only thing I watched. Instantly became a fan of the Cowboys; they were "America's Team" and all that. I liked the Cowboys cause my dad did.

Q: So watching TV -- who was your hero? Who was the player who wanted to be like?

Cruz: I wanted to be like Michael Irvin. He was a great player, talked a lot while he played, and he was always there catching touchdowns. So when I was a little kid I watched Michael Irvin and wanted to play like him.

Q: Have you met Michael Irvin yet? Have you greeted him?

Cruz: Yes. I spoke to him over the phone when I had a few interviews, and he was great to talk to.

Q: Now we can say you're no longer a Cowboys fan -- is that fair to say? And now as a true New York Giant, what do you hate the most about the Cowboys?

Cruz: I think all that goes along with them. They have the star, they play in a stadium that is really big, and all that. I don't like flash. I like to just play, I like the grit of the Giants, playing outdoors, when it's cold and all that. I just don't like the flash of the Cowboys.

Q: But then again they are "America's Team" -- what do you think of that name for the Cowboys and what are you willing to do to change that notion?

Cruz: I think it will start Sunday when we win the game. We know that America's team will then be the Giants after we play on Sunday.

Q: Speaking of Sunday: You have taken part in so many interviews and it has been Victor Cruz this and Victor Cruz that. Tell us something we don't know. How about your New Year's resolution?

Cruz: My resolution is to look out for my grandmother a bit more. I'm so busy with practice and appearances and doing all these things that are good for me, but I want to take time out to stay with her, spend time with her.

Q: What's your grandma's name? Where does she live?

Cruz: Her name is Lucy Molina and she lives in Paterson (N.J.)

Q: And Lucy Molina speaks Spanish? You have to look at the camera and ask her to look out for you on ESPN Deportes!

Cruz: Grandma Lucy you got to check me out on ESPN Deportes!

Q: Please tell me -- should you win a Super Bowl, the dream of any NFL athlete, will you name your upcoming first born Vincent, in honor of the Lombardi trophy? We know you're expecting.

Cruz: We're going to have a baby girl and her name will be Kennedy. But still I think if I had a baby boy down the line, I don't think I would name him Vincent!

Q: Why Kennedy?

Cruz: It's a name I like. My uncle's name is Kenny -- and well -- just a name we like.

Q: Can you please look at the camera and send a message to all your Latino fans? What message do you have for your many fans?

Cruz: Hello to all the ESPN Deportes Latino fans, I'm here representing all of you, and we are going to win this week.

Rivera: Victor, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to us, ahead of what they call in English a "do or die" game. You win, you are in the playoffs; you lose, and the season is over. Best of the luck to the Giants. For Victor Cruz, this is Marly Rivera for ESPN New York.