Defending Jason Witten

The Giants held Jason Witten to a season-low 12 receiving yards on December 11 in Dallas.

So, from the department of "if It isn't broke, don't fix it", linebacker Michael Boley says the Giants won't change much about their approach to defending Witten on Sunday night.

"We had a pretty good game last time we played him," Boley said.

Witten was targeted just five times during the Giants' season-saving win in Dallas last month.

The key to slowing him down, according to Boley, was showing different looks throughout the game.

"He's a smart, veteran guy and he's real savvy," Boley said. "He knows how to get open. He's one of those guys that if you give him the same thing over and over again, he's going to find a way to beat you."

Boley is in his third season with the Giants. He has missed the postseason in his first two and is hungry to end that drought.

"We know, being in this business, getting in the playoffs doesn't come easy. So this is a chance," Boley said. "We haven't had a chance in a few years, so now we have [the opportunity] to get to where we want to be."