Kennedy 'hates' being inactive

Jimmy Kennedy been inactive for three of the past four games, stuck in what he called a "frustrating" predicament.

"I'm not usually in this situation that the Giants have put me in but I handle it as a pro because that's what I am," Kennedy said on Friday. "When the opportunity comes for me to go somewhere I'm able to contribute and be where I'm wanted, than so be it. But other than that I won't be the guy to complain or point fingers or anything like that. If I don't play, I'll just try to work harder and do what I can to get back on the field."

The Giants signed Kennedy, 31, a former No. 1 draft pick by the St. Louis Rams, during training camp to provide added depth on the defensive line. He was suspended for four games earlier this season for violating the league's performance-enhancing substance policy.

Kennedy said the Giants wanted to see if he was in shape upon his reinstatement. He claims that he had lost five pounds during his suspension and was "in better shape than the rest" of the Giants.

Still, with their defensive line playing well, the Giants mostly kept Kennedy on the inactive list.

"When I came back I knew I would be low man on the totem pole and everything else and I thought between who I am and my competitive drive [I'd be on the field]," Kennedy said. "It's frustrating not to be on the field but every day I work my a-- off to show I'm healthy."

Kennedy hopes to find a stable situation to settle into next season -- whether it's with the Giants or another team.

"This don't do nothing but make me realize how much I love this game," Kennedy, a Yonkers native, said. "I'm going to keep playing. If it's not in a Giants uniform i guarantee that it will be in another NFL uniform."