You down with JPP's guarantee?

On Sunday, Jason Pierre-Paul guaranteed that the Giants will beat the Packers in Sunday’s NFC divisional playoff matchup.

“We gonna win, 100 percent,” JPP said after the Giants took care of the Falcons, 24-2, in their wild-card clash at MetLife Stadium.

Coach Tom Coughlin would’ve preferred it if his All-Pro defensive end hadn’t done that.

“I would’ve said we’ll talk about them after we’ve had a chance to understand this game [the Atlanta win],” Coughlin said Monday, before joking. “But obviously that didn’t take place.

“And you should ask me to stand next to him when you ask a question like that.”

JPP is understandably confident. The Giants have won three games in a row, and their defense has allowed just 30 points over that span. On offense, they ran for a season-high 172 yards on 31 carries against Atlanta. And most importantly of all, they played the Packers down to the wire in East Rutherford on Dec. 4 and lost by a field goal at the buzzer.

Pierre-Paul wanted to no part of reporters as they surrounded his locker Monday.

Defensive captain Justin Tuck was asked to give his own guarantee.

He declined.

“But I am going to guarantee that we are going to go up there and try to get the win. Knowing you guys, you probably asked him a loaded question (“dirtbags” anyone?) and he gave you his honest opinion about it,” Tuck said.

Defensive end Dave Tollefson said he has JPP’s back.

“JPP is my boy. Whatever he says -- guarantee or not -- I got his back and we’re gonna do our best,” Tollefson said.

The Giants aren’t known for their bravado like the Jets are, but they have done some more talking than usual this season.

GM Jerry Reese guaranteed the team would make the playoffs. So did outspoken safety Antrel Rolle. JPP is just the latest to make a guarantee.

“I think our confidence is at a really high level right now,” Tollefson said. “Our play without question is doing the talking despite what some guys are saying. We’re gonna continue to that be the case, and we’re gonna bust our a-- and play all four quarters and give it all we got.”

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