Tuck: TC's face will look like Barney Sunday

Just how cold was it outside during the 2007 NFC championship game between the Giants and Packers?

Try minus-25.

“[Coach] Tom [Coughlin]’s face almost fell off, if I remember right,” defensive end Dave Tollefson said Monday, nearly four years later, with the Giants set to take on the Packers at Lambeau Field again.

“As I recall in that one, pre-game I didn’t know if I was gonna get back to the locker room,” Coughlin said. “I didn’t have a stocking cap on. I was dressed rather lightly, but once you get back into the game, I thought the second half was fine.”

It didn’t look that way, which is why Coughlin laughed after he said it. The Giants coach said he won’t be wearing any type of ski mask on Sunday. The temperature is expected to be around 20 degrees.

“He wouldn’t wear it anyway,” defensive captain Justin Tuck said. “I am telling you, his face is going to be as purple as, what’s the dinosaur? Barney.”