Notes: Cruz recovery

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz had a few notable catches, but perhaps more importantly recovered an onside kick in the fourth quarter as the Giants led 30-20.

"[Spencer] Paysinger kind of hinted to it," Cruz said. "He said, 'Be careful, they might come our way.' We were just waiting for it, we were alert. We saw the body language of the kicker and it came this way, and it went right through Paysinger's legs. And as soon as I saw it, I just tried to jump down on it and make sure I had it in my hands."

Then he had to hold on as every other player on the field dove for it.

"Underneath that pile," Cruz said, "if I told you what happened underneath that pile, you probably wouldn't even believe it.”

DB Derrick Martin recovered the onside kick in the second quarter just after the Packers tied the game 10-10.

DEJA VU: Lawrence Tynes had the biggest field goal of his career at Lambeau Field during the playoffs leading up to Super Bowl XLII. The Giants' kicker said there were some similarities, even if the conditions weren't as hostile.

"The big field goal we hit to put us up 10," Tynes said. "I mean, nothing was easy tonight. I know it was only 35 yards, but the footing was bad later in the game and the wind was, I don't know what it was doing."

LAMBEAU LEAP: Running back Brandon Jacobs was helped into the end zone in the second half after bearing witness to a rare block by Eli Manning on an Ahmad Bradshaw run. His teammates called it a "chicken wing" block and Jacobs later joked, "That is terrible technique at this level."

Jacobs found a Giants fan in the stands after scoring and ran over to celebrate. The fan was imploring him to jump into the stands, but Jacobs wasn't up to it.

"'Leap! Leap!' He said leap. I was saying, 'No, no!'" Jacobs said. Jacobs added that there were a lot of Giants fans in Green Bay, and their support meant a lot.

PASS HEAVY: The Giants had 330 passing yards and 95 passing yards in the game, a lopsided game that didn’t appear in line with the balance the Giants had talked about all week.

"I think the game plan was to take what they give us," wide receiver Hakeem Nicks said. "We know we can run the ball and pass the ball we believe in our playmakers on offense."

GAME PLAN: A dry erase board in the Giants' locker room still held the remains of a game plan: "Play physical football. Beat the hell out of #88."

No. 88 is tight end Jermichael Finley.