To be Super, Baas must beat former team

As they were warming up on stationary bikes prior to Monday’s workout, Giants center David Baas and backup quarterback David Carr looked at each other and smiled.

Their current team is just one win away from a trip to the Super Bowl, but the only way they’re going to get there is if they beat their former one, the 49ers.

“It’s unusual,” said Baas, who played the first six seasons of his career in San Francisco before signing a five-year, $27.5 million contract with New York. “It’s funny it happens to be my old team, but I’m focused on the New York Giants, because that’s my team now.”

Granted, that doesn’t mean Baas hasn’t texted some of his former teammates.

“I sent [offensive tackle] Joe Staley a text, I said, ‘Nice wheels on the cut block you had for [quarterback] Alex Smith when he scored [on the touchdown run].’ Things like that,” he said.

Any smack talk?

“No, but believe me, we’re all excited to meet up again and have this chance to do it one more time,” Baas said

So will Baas have to dial down his emotions at Candlestick Park on Sunday?

“No, I think I got that out of the way in the first game,” Baas said of the Giants’ 27-20 loss to the 49ers in his return to San Francisco a month ago. “I feel like this is a big game, but like i said before, my approach is gonna be the same each and every week.”

Baas enjoyed going back to the left coast. The 30-year-old made 54 starts in 92 games for the 49ers.

“It was great,” he said. “I usually don’t go out early on the field, but I went out early before warmups. It was nice to see some of the guys, but that was that. This is a business trip.”

Baas said he wasn’t concerned if the 49ers beat the Saints on Saturday because he was completely focused on taking care of the Packers on Sunday.

But now that it’s set up this way, it’s going to be a neat experience for Baas. He said he’s going to try to help his teammates and the coaching staff out regarding San Francisco’s schemes and tendencies as best he can, but ultimately, he’s looking forward to taking care of business on the gridiron.

Prior to this season, Baas had never been to the playoffs before. Now, he’s one win away from playing for the Lombardi Trophy.

“We know they’re a tough, physical group, but we are too,” Baas said. “It’s gonna be a challenge, but we’re up for it and we’re confident. I’m glad to be part of the New York Giants. I can’t wait.”