Giants not concerned with defensive fronts

With two weeks of preparation, the Giants believe they're going to be ready for anything and everything that the Patriots will throw at them. Including when New England switches its base defense between a 3-4 and 4-3 defensive front during the game.

"To be honest, I don't think it's that challenging," center David Baas said. "We've faced many 3-4 fronts and four-down fronts this year. We've run numerous plays against both. They're going to try and come out and I'm sure they'll have tricky stuff or they'll have different fronts and they'll shift at the last minute.

"Follow our rules, stick with our game plan, be sound and come off the ball. You can give us anything you want. Honestly, if we're prepared and we execute our game plan, then they can do whatever they want and it really won't matter."

While the Patriots defense certainly isn't one of the elite groups in the league, it can present problems with its switching of fronts. Teams usually like to stay in one defensive front throughout a game but the Patriots will change up their base defense.

While quarterback Eli Manning said that it seems the Patriots will stick to one of the fronts during the game, with it being a 3-4 look in their win against Baltimore and a 4-3 defensive against the Giants the first time they faced them, the Giants still have to be ready for both in preparation for New England deciding to switch it up.

The quarterback said that New England always has something new in store for its opponents and that has been true the last two times that the teams have met. New England's defense has given up just 30 points in the playoffs and is playing perhaps its best ball of the season.

"They can change their scheme from week to week so you got to be prepared for different looks," Manning said. "Have a great understanding of what they can do out of a certain alignment. Their front four is very large, they do a great job of getting pressure on the quarterback. Their offense is high powered so they can get the lead. They do a good job of disguising things and showing different looks."

Offensive lineman Chris Snee said that the real challenge lies within the talent that New England has on defense, as he described its defensive front as very stout and very good. The Patriots registered 40 sacks on the season.

The Patriots' defensive front is anchored by Vince Wilfork, who can move from defensive tackle in a 4-3 to defensive end in a 3-4, and he can be a huge problem for offensive lines, like he was against Baltimore.

With plenty of time to get ready, the Giants are not concerned that they will be surprised by anything they see when the two teams meet for the Super Bowl in 10 days.

"We'll prepare every front, every blitz that they've have shown and probably some ones they haven't shown and won't show," Snee said. "We'll prepare for everything."