Giants Super Bowl sked same but different

The Giants are slated to practice Friday and Saturday before having off on Sunday and then arriving in Indianapolis on Monday at 2:15 p.m., according to the Super Bowl XLVI schedule released by the NFL.

They will have Media Day on Tuesday followed by a regular Wednesday-Thursday-Friday practice schedule prior to the big game on Feb. 5.

Coach Tom Coughlin was asked if the schedule is going to be the same as it was in Super Bowl XLII.

“With changes based on the location you are forced to do because of your practice facility being 20 minutes away, we may do most of our teaching right in the hotel rather than move over to a complex and teach, those are the kinds of things that we had to adjust,” Coughlin replied. “Basically, the format will be the same in terms of how we operate here and what the days off are, when we travel, and what we will do when we start up again.”

Said quarterback Eli Manning: “I hope the preparation is pretty similar. Our plan last time was pretty good as far as how we practiced. For myself, my schedule and when I could watch film and when I had to do media to practicing and to what I did at night to get rest, I remember pretty well kind of how I tried to stay on the same schedule that I normally would for a home game. So things that I did on a Thursday night, I do the same on a Thursday night at the site. Obviously, it is always a little different because you are traveling and there are other obligations you have to do during a Super Bowl week but you try to keep things as consistent as you can.”